Kidde P3010K CO Review

NB: This is not suitable for the UK or anywhere in the EU. If you live in the EU market please go to these: Combined Smoke & CO Alarms.

The Kidde P3010K CO combined smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are the ones which I most highly recommend because their built-in sealed lithium battery lasts for 10 years of continuous operation!

Although it may seem that having a battery which lasts the entire life of the alarm is only a matter of convenience, it's much more than that. It greatly enhances the safety and effectiveness of the detector because it will never fail in an emergency due to someone forgetting to replace the batteries.

The K in the product name stands for 'Kitchen' because the smoke sensors have been specifically developed to reduce false alarms caused by cooking, while still sounding the alarm when a potentially dangerous situation has arisen - and cooking is the main cause of home fires.

It is however suitable for all areas of the home where you want a combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm - there are other smoke alarms in the Kidde P3010 range, however they do not include the ability to detect carbon monoxide.

Kidde P3010K Features

Kidde P3010K Dimensions
  • The built-in 10 year sealed lithium battery doesn't activate until the unit is attached to its mounting bracket.

  • A rapidly flashing LED lets you know if the alarm has sounded since the last time the test/reset button was used..

  • Its photoelectric and electrochemical sensors communicate with each other constantly to more accurately determine the nature of the threat than either sensor can do own their own - different types of fires, smoldering or fast flaming, are more accurately detected this way and cooking caused nuisance alarms are reduced.

  • It has an 'End of Life Warning' where the alarm chirps every 30 seconds to indicate it needs to be replaced.

  • Operates between 10% and 85% relative humidity.

  • Weight 1 lb.

  • The 85 decibel alarm (as measured at 10ft) is more than loud enough to wake you from your sleep.


  • No wiring required - it runs entirely off its 10 year battery - this makes it very easy to install.
  • It will continue to operate during a power blackout - this can be a time of heightened risk when fossil fueled emergency heating and lighting is often used.
  • Because no mains power is required, it can be used outside North America without power compatibility issues.
  • Its 10 year limited warranty lasts for the entire life of the unit.
  • According to the manufacturer's figures, the P3010K will save you $40 over its life due to not needing replacement batteries.


  • As is the case with all ceiling mounted detectors, this does not have a digital display to show historical carbon monoxide levels.


I personally believe that the P3010K is the most practical and cost effective combined Smoke & CO detector currently available for home use.

Usually selling for around $45 to $50 it is more expensive than the cheapest models available, however when you factor in the 10 years of replacement batteries you will never need to buy, the total cost of ownership is less than other models.

Click here to purchase the Kidde P3010K from Amazon in packs of 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 units.

Please ensure you have enough alarms to protect your entire home - more than one are needed in the vast majority of dwellings - see Places within the home where CO Detectors must be installed.