Working From Your Garden Shed

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An unexpected consequence of the global financial crisis was a huge rise in the amount of people working from their sheds, using them as a garden office. With many people made redundant and companies no longer able to afford office space, increasing numbers of people who used to work from an office have moved to their garden shed.

Carbon Monoxide Dangers Working From a Garden Shed
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An attractive proposition
Working in your shed means that you can work on your own terms. Want the radio on? Want the news on? Want to have the choice of taking an extended lunch? You can do it all if you work from your shed – you’re essentially your own boss. Whereas you might struggle to be productive working from your living room, having a shed dedicated to your work will eliminate distractions. Shed-working is a great compromise between comfort and labor.

Is it practical?
Working from a garden office is very practical. It’s easy to insulate a shed, hook it up to your house’s electricity and even to get an internet connection or a phone line.

Is it safe?
So your shed is full of expensive equipment necessary for you to work efficiently. 3D printers, desktops, widescreen monitors, speakers, mixing desks, office chairs...whatever your line of work, there are a few items you cannot do without. Often these are your biggest outlay, so suffice to say that if your shed was broken into, you’d be at a considerable loss. Fortunately, there’s an extensive range of security solutions, from door bars and window locks to burglar alarms, largely minimizing the risk. And remember, if your shed is your livelihood, you may want to consider insuring its contents.

One thing about sheds is that they don't tend to be well ventilated, and with the colder months upon us, you have to be very careful about using fossil fuel heaters inside which could result in a dangerous build up of Carbon Monoxide Gas. If you do have a fossil fuel heater, then make sure you get one of the best carbon monoxide detectors to ensure your safety while you work.

Whatever your circumstances or profession, join the hordes of shed-working enthusiasts and create your optimum office environment in your garden. If a garden shed was good enough for Roald Dahl, it could well be for you too.