Why Is A Regular Boiler Service Is Essential?

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servicing a boiler

Your boiler tends to be one of those things that's always on the list to be checked but it just never happens - until it breaks down that is. It's always best to try and prevent your boiler from breaking - especially as we head into winter - not only to save you money but also to save you a lot of time. The best way to avoid breakdowns is to make sure you book in for your annual service and here are some reasons why you should always book it in:

Firstly, and during the current climate probably most importantly, it will save you money in the long run, as although you have to pay for your boiler to be serviced, doing it regularly will allow you to avoid any repair costs.

Servicing your boiler will also mean that any minor faults will be picked up early. As far as boilers go, if there is a minor fault to be found and it is not repaired then quite often it will escalate and lead to the boiler breaking down.

A regular boiler service could also save your life; around twenty people die every year due to being poisoned by carbon monoxide and the main reason for a carbon monoxide leak is gas appliances not being fitted or maintained properly. Each time your boiler is serviced it is checked for any signs of a carbon monoxide leak which could cause severe illness, brain damage and even death. Never assume that you'd know if your boiler was leaking dangerous gases because some of the most dangerous properties of carbon monoxide are the fact that it is tasteless, odourless and colourless; you can buy a carbon monoxide detector or alarm however, which will protect you between services.

Having your boiler serviced regularly can also reduce your fuel bills because having it maintenance regularly means that it will be running as efficiently as possible, consequently cutting the cost of your bills and your household emissions.

Maintaining your boiler means that your insurance is valid so if anything does happen you can always claim. If you don't maintain your boiler then your insurance may not be valid so if something does go wrong you could be left paying a big bill.

If you own your home then there's no legal requirement for you to have your boiler serviced, however, if you're a landlord or you rent a house then it is compulsory that you get the boiler serviced annually and you'll be presented with a certificate to show that the necessary work has been done properly.

This article was written on behalf of www.jchlondon.co.uk, by general engineer Gary Hodge.