Kidde 10LLDCO Meta-Review with Kidde 10LLCO

Kidde KID10LLDCO Carbon Monoxide Detector

In my opinion the Kidde 10LLDCO (AKA KID10LLDCO) is currently the best CO detector available for the UK, and it's the one I most strongly recommend to home owners whether you live in a flat, semi-detached, or fully detached home (if you're currently renting then you may be able to request your landlord installs one on your behalf).

The reason I'm such a big fan of this model is because that in addition to having all the features you need, it also comes with a 10 year sealed lithium battery that never needs replacing before the CO sensor has reached its life limit and the entire unit needs to be replaced anyway.

Surprisingly, if often sells for about the same or less than the Kidde 10LLCO which is basically the same model but without the digital display!

Kidde KID10LLDCO Features

Kidde KID10LLDCO Features

  • The battery never needs replacing.

  • Sensor has a 10 year life before the unit needs to be replaced.

  • Comes with a 10 year warranty from Kidde.

  • The digital display lets you see the current CO levels from 11 to 999 ppm.

  • The display can also show you the peak level of CO since the last reset.

  • After 10 years of activation it will alert you to the fact it needs to be replaced.

  • The battery only activates once it is installed and can be deactivated if necessary.

  • CO ‘Quick-Test’ temporarily de-sensitises the CO sensor to allow quick-testing using Kidde approved CO sprays.

Standards Compliance

The 10LLDCO has be tested and has received the following certifications:

  • BSI certified to EN52091-1
  • CE tested and certified


The digital display will show levels down to 11 ppm. The alarm will sound at:

  • 50 ppm detected over 60 to 90 minutes
  • 100 ppm detected over 10 to 40 minutes
  • 300 ppm detected in less than 3 minutes


  • Meets the requirements for use by Landlords in the UK.
  • When you consider that it sells for under £25 and you don't have to buy 10 years worth of replacement batteries, it offers excellent value.
  • It will continue to operate during a power blackout - this can be a time of heightened risk when fossil fueled emergency heating and lighting is often used.
  • Its 10 year limited warranty lasts for the entire life of the unit.


  • Costs a few pounds more upfront than the Kidde 7DCO which is basically the same unit but requires regular replacement batteries.


The Kidde 10LLDCO is the best value for money feature rich CO detector currently available for the UK and the rest of the EU.

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Please ensure you have enough alarms to protect your entire home - more than one are needed in the vast majority of dwellings - see Places within the home where CO Detectors must be installed.