First Alert CO410 Meta-Review

First Alert CO410 Digital Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The First Alert CO410 Digital Carbon Monoxide Alarm made by BRK is relatively inexpensive usually selling for about £15 which is important because you often have to install several detectors in a typical dwelling.

The The First Alert CO410 may not be suitable for UK Landlords because although it conforms to American standards (UL 2034), it has not been shown to meet BSI standards and neither is it CE certified.

That said, it's still a good cheap option for private use where high sensitivity is not required because you don't have anyone in your home with any kind of respiratory illness, advanced age, or pregnancy.

Here's an overview of it's sensitivity showing when the alarm will sound compared to typical BSI compliant CO detectors:

CO410 BSI compliant
70 ppm detected over 60 to 240 minutes 50 ppm detected over 60 to 90 minutes
150 ppm detected over 10 to 50 minutes 100 ppm detected over 10 to 40 minutes
400 ppm detected over 4 to 15 minutes 300 ppm detected in less than 3 minutes

First Alert CO410 Features

  • Uses 2 AA batteries so it will work when the power goes out.

  • The digital display can be used to show current or historical CO levels down to 30 ppm.

  • CO sensor lasts for 5 years.

  • Comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

  • Test button for running self diagnostic tests.


  • It's cheap and it has all the features most people need.
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty.


  • Because it can be tested simply by using almost any remote control device, some people have reported that it goes off when using remote controlled toys or television sets. I would not install a CO410 close to any remote controlled home entertainment system.
  • Not recommended for UK landlords who need to comply with CO alarm regulations.
  • Under most conditions the batteries will have to be replaced about once a year.


The First Alert CO410 is made by BRK who have a long track record of producing reliable CO detectors and this is a good cheap option if you don't require a more sensitive detector.

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Please understand that you need multiple CO alarms in your home in order to safely cover all the possible carbon monoxide build ups - for more information see Carbon Monoxide Detector Placement Instructions.