Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

Installing your Carbon Monoxide Detector is relatively straight forward, but there are some important differences to installing a smoke detector.

Before going any further we strongly suggest you read about where to install carbon monoxide detectors. This is an important first step because incorrect positioning can result in complete failure for your carbon monoxide sensor to work, and can also result in false alarms.

Main Topics

Installation Video

The following video shows you the process for installing a carbon monoxide detector - the process is the same in all countries.

Tools Required for the Installation of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

You don't need very many tools at all - you probably already have these around the home, and they aren't very expensive to buy if you need them.

  • Hammer
  • Drill or Wall Punch
  • Measuring Tape
  • Screwdriver

If you'd like to know what you should have in a well rounded toolbox then check out 26 DIY Experts Reveal Their Tool Box Essentials

Remember the Batteries

Don't forget the batteries if your detector requires them - if this is the case then it will say so clearly on the packaging, and it will also tell you if the batteries are included. We recommend buying new batteries, even if some are included, because your detector may have been sitting on shelves for some time and the included batteries may not have their original full charge.

Test Before Installing

Remember to test your CO detector before installing it. If it doesn't work, or the batteries need replacing, it's better to find out now than once it's already in place. And although this should go without saying, it would be completely pointless to install a detector that isn't working, and worse still - installing a faulty detector would give you a false sense of security while leaving you completely unprotected.