First Alert CO615 Meta Review

NB: This is not available in the UK - if you live in the UK please see these UK detector reviews.

The First Alert CO615 has been available for a few years now and has earned its place as one of the more reliable CO detectors on the market.

One of the most significant differences between this and other detectors which have a digital display, is that it only shows the battery charge level when no significant CO is being detected - most other detectors show a continuous reading in parts per million of carbon monoxide levels. Although continuous readings can be interesting to watch, they can be distracting if you continually go over to read the panel when nothing of importance is being reported by the sensors.

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Usually we don't recommend alarms which can plug into a power outlet, however the First Alert CO615 has an extension cord which is six feet long and lets you plug it into an outlet but still mount it at eye level - which is what we recommend.

CO615 Features

  • Electrochemical sensor - these are one of the most accurate types
  • 6 foot extension cord
  • Battery backup
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • It comes with Battery back-up which means it doesn't need to be plugged in, and it will also keep working when connected to a power outlet in the event that the electricity fails - which is the most likely time you'll turn to non-electric fossil fuel burning for heating which is also the riskiest time for CO level increases inside the home.
  • The read out panel lights up and displays the carbon monoxide levels both during an emergency, and when you press the test button.


  • The fact that you can plug it into a power outlet may tempt you to mount in close to the floor, because that's where many of your electricity outlets are. Don't make this mistake - please ensure you position it at eye level, or somewhere close to that.


The First Alert CO615 carbon monoxide detector has stood the test of time and is an excellent choice for the home.

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Please remember that you need several detectors to cover your home safely - for more information see Carbon Monoxide Detector Placement Instructions.