Carbon Monoxide News and Information

Helpful information about Carbon Monoxide Detectors & related issues.

The Best Rated Carbon Monoxide Detectors 2018
This explains what you need to look for in a CO detector and which ones are the best.

UK CO & Smoke Alarm Regulations Are Now In Effect
All landlords in England are now required to install working CO & Smoke alarms.

An Overview of the Furnace Inspection Process
This is what to expect when you have your gas furnace inspected.

Cheap Carbon Monoxide Detector Overview
Here's a list of the few sub $20 detectors that I'm prepared to recommend.

6 Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair
A malfunctioning furnace can lead to CO buildups - check these warning signs...

CO Poisoning is Not The Only Danger of HVAC Systems
Not using your HVAC system appropriately can lead to unwanted consequences.

Working From Your Garden Shed
Turning your garden shed into an office might be a good option - but watch out for the CO dangers.

Wondering Where to Buy a Carbon Monoxide Detector?
A list of the best places, both online and offline, to buy a CO Detector.

Don't Underestimate The Dangers Of Carbon Monoxide
The threat is not one to be underestimated; CO is known as a 'silent killer'.

Are Fireplace Inserts The Best Option For You?
We take a look at the Pros and Cons of installing a fireplace insert.

The 4 Most Common Indoor Air Quality Problems And Their Solutions
The title says it all.

Home Fire Safety
A look at some of the fire safety devices which you might want to install in your home.

Why You Should Regularly Service Your Boiler
Avoiding CO poisoning is one of the primary reasons for regular servicing.

How Wood Burning Stoves May Affect Your Homeowners Insurance Policy
You will pay higher premiums if you have a wood or pellet stove in your home.

Four of the Most Hazardous Zones Around Your Home and How to Make Them a Lot Less Dangerous
Disregarding maintenance can lead to consequences such as house fires and CO poisoning.

What are the Different Boilers?
This article looks at the different Central Heating Boilers that can be installed in your home.

All You Need to Know About Indoor Air Quality
Carbon monoxide is one of many factors that effect the quality of indoor air.

Why Is A Regular Boiler Service Is Essential?
Save money in the long run, and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning emergencies.

The Consequences Of Poor Fireplace Installation
A precautionary story of an installation that went terribly wrong.

Stove Left On Over Holiday - 13 People Sent To Hospitals
The result of a stove being left turned on for two days...