First Alert CO600 Review

The First Alert CO600 is an acceptable alternative for those on a budget - particularly if you need multiple units, as most homes do.

First Alert CO600 Carbon Monoxide Detector

However, we must point out that the CO600 is not for everyone - it is a plug in only alarm with no extension cord which means that you have to have wall sockets to plug it into which are at the appropriate height - usually somewhere between 5 feet above the floor and 2 feet below the ceiling.

In most cases you will only have wall sockets at the correct height when building a new home, or refurbishing one - for other homes we recommend the First Alert CO615 instead.

First Alert CO600 Features

  • No special mounting required - plugs directly into a wall power outlet.
  • 120V AC plug-in.
  • Has both Test and Mute buttons.
  • It comes with a 7-year limited warranty from First Alert.
  • It automatically requires replacement after 7 years of operation - this is a feature you really want because sensors can degrade after that period of time.


  • Cheaper than many models - can usually be bought for about $23 or not much more than that.


  • No battery back-up - this will fail in the event of a power blackout which is often the time people will be using combustion lighting such as candles or gas powered lamps which can be sources of CO gas.
  • You must have power sockets at the correct height on walls to use this most effectively, otherwise you will have unsightly cables running down the wall if you install it at the appropriate height.


The First Alert CO600 carbon monoxide alarm should only be used, in our opinion, if you have wall sockets mounted at the appropriate height, otherwise you should opt for the slightly more expensive First Alert CO615 which can also be battery powered.

We recommend against buying this model, but if you absolutely must then see this list of stores where you can buy one.

Our best recommendation is to go with the Kidde C3010D instead.